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Information for students from abroad

Dear fellow students,

we are thrilled that you are interested in a study visit as an exchange student in Wuppertal and hope to be able to welcome you personally to our university soon.

In order for you to complete a guest study programme at our university, there must be a Partnership Agreement valid for the period of your stay and our field of study. You can find the current list of agreements here: https://www.internationales.uni-wuppertal.de/fileadmin/internationales/files/Liste_Internationale_Hochschulkooperationen_Stand19082020.pdf

If there is no partnership agreement yet, contact the International Coordinator of your home university and give him or her the contact details of our International Coordinator: Mr. André Schmale.

If you are registered to study at our university, you can, if you wish, apply for a place in a hall of residence at our university. To do so, you should contact the International Student Secretariat.

We have also put together a few useful links for your application process:

  • Before you apply, please inform yourself about studying in Germany and the requirements you must meet to be able to study here. The following websites will help you prepare for your studies: www.study-in-germany.de, www.germany-opportunities.de.
  • You can find information on the evaluation of your foreign school certificates and possible degrees in the "anabin" database of the German Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs: http://anabin.kmk.org

The International Student Secretariat has also compiled some information (for all students) on its website, e.g. health insurance, registration at the Residents' Registration Office, funding opportunities and tuition fees: https://www.internationales.uni-wuppertal.de/de/incoming/internationale-studierende/gaststudierende.html

There is also a special page for Erasmus Incomings: https://www.internationales.uni-wuppertal.de/de/incoming/internationale-studierende/erasmus-studierende.html

Here is also a helpful flyer: https://www.internationales.uni-wuppertal.de/fileadmin/internationales/files/Erasmus/Fact_Sheet_for_Exchange_Students2021-2022_aktualisiert.pdf

Since political science courses are generally held in German, this is certainly helpful for some students. For examinations, the lecturers are happy to hold the final examination and discussion in English on request. We like to recommend the language teaching institute of the university, which offers German courses and open office hours for exchange students to improve your German language skills and to support you in finding your way around: https://www.sli.uni-wuppertal.de/de/home/veranstaltungen-des-sli.html

In October every year, at the beginning of the Wintersemester, our Welcome Week takes place, during which we, as the student council, would like to introduce all first-year students to their studies, the university, Wuppertal and your fellow students. In the summer semester, there is no regular programme, but you are welcome to write us and we will show you around.

We also organise regular events to which you are more than welcome. Check out our social media channels or our website.

For help with your Learning Agreement, assistance with your study plan and more or less anything, you are welcome to contact us any time with your questions and problems!

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